Going to India on a Budget: Life Hacks From Students

A budget tour to India can be expensive if you don't control your expenses. We have prepared the most popular and working ways to save cash every tourist coming to India should know. If you follow them, you will have money left before the flight.

Pick Up the Right Traffic

There is a great walking atmosphere in India: shady paths, palm trees, and it's not so noisy. While walking, you can see a lot of interesting things. If you aren't a big walker, you might rent a bike and don't waste money on tuk-tuks and taxis. Do you plan a long-distance trip? Then, you need to use Prepaid Taxi. This service has fixed charges as it belongs to the state. You pay taxi fare in the cash register, and after the trip, you give a receipt to the driver, and you don't have to pay extra.

Eat at the Local Cafes

Both local people and tourists like eating out as they can taste delicious and cheap food at those diners. If there are a lot of people in the tavern, they probably have good cooks. Food in India is cheap, but you can still save money buying fresh seafood and ask to cook it for you right in the cafe. Waiting for your dish, you could get to know a fresh assignmentgeek review or enjoy local talent.

Bargain With Sellers

When you arrive in the city, everyone will want to cheat on you. Sellers will tell you exorbitant prices for the goods, so get ready to cut the price 4-5 times. Instead of 1,000 rupees, you can insist on 400 and say that it’s your last price, after that you can leave. The seller will catch up with you, and you will get the goods at your price. The main rule of Indian bargaining: don't bargain if you are not going to buy the item.

Count Your Money

Hindu always try to short-change tourists, taking advantage that out-of-towners aren't good enough at the local currency. When you buy something in the store, at the market, or exchange money, count the change carefully and tell about the shortfall at once. Thus, you can save enough money to ask for professional help in completing your papers after studying an oxessays review when you back to your routine issues.

Don't Buy Indian Clothing

When you come to India for the first time, you came under the spell of bright colors. You want to buy colorful sari, hoop skirts, and pants. Some girls could buy even the entire wardrobe here! Although the clothes are cheap here, it's easy to waste a lot of money in local stores. Arriving at home, you are unlikely to wear that Indian outfit in your country, so if you want to get a keepsake — buy a handkerchief.

Plan Your Guided Tours Ahead

Most of the Indian museums have outdated, covered by centuries dust exhibits. No need to enter each temple, you find in the guidebook. It’s not that when you need to try a writing agency service after reading expert writing reviews. Most often, all the beauty of the buildings is outside, and you can see it staying out.